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The Challenges Confronted By Medical Translation Services

The Challenges Confronted By Medical Translation Services

One of the toughest translation services is the medical translation. Unless the translator has a background of medical studies, they will not be able to paraphrase the document, and it is an essential part of the translation. Just having language skills will not do when it comes to translating a medical document. Having a thorough knowledge of medical terms is important. As a principal pharmaceutical and life science companies ensure that their work is handed over to professional medical translators. Apart from this, the translators should match the subject matter of translation. The translators have to perform checks and balances to ensure that the quality of the translation is not compromised.

Clinical research agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, surgical device manufacturers and biotech companies rely on professional medical translation services when it comes to translating sensitive medical documents. Client depends on clarity and consistency while dealing with high-value information. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind regulatory compliance and translation accuracy. Medical translators have to update their knowledge on the subject. Since the regulatory laws are very strict for medical translation in countries like the European Union, US and Japan it is important to adhere to strict quality checks.

The medical translators must not compromise on language or medical regulation at any cost especially when it comes to submitting a medical report to the FDA or writing a product manual for medical devices that complies with EU regulations. The documents translated have to be Certified for Translation Accuracy by an authorized medical professional. A translation service provider with an ISO certification would be an added advantage. The translation company should be able to translate in a majority of global languages. With clinical research increasing it becomes important to translate clinical trial documentation without compromising on compliances.

Medical translation services cater to major Asian, European, American and Middle Eastern languages. It is not all the translation services should have experience in translating Life Science documents touching a variety of scientific fields. The agency must have hands-on experience in dealing with a host of medical documents, clinical research and device software translation. The major challenge confronted by medical translation services is while translating Patient Reported Outcomes questionnaires. It is an information gathering tool and has to be done with utmost accuracy. It has to be translated based on linguistic validation and cultural adaptation. A service provider with prior PROs would be an added advantage.

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