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Biotechnology And Translation Go Hand In Hand


Medical translation is widely used by biotech companies across the globe. Translation can happen during the lifecycle of a biotech product or services, clinical trial, R&D, marketing, manufacturing or regulatory submissions. All these steps are closely monitored for accuracy, and this can be achieved only through a professional biotechnology translation services. Each of the above stages plays a crucial role in the development of the product or services. Research and development are sources for inventing new products. It is here that various documents, reports, patents, and scientific publications have to be referred. Converting the source document into the language of your choice requires not just linguistic expertise but subject matter skills.

Studies have proved that nearly 300 clinical trials happen at a given point in time. It leaves patient reports, clinical reports, consent form among others to be translated into different languages. For this, complete linguistic validation and PROs’ cognitive debriefing is essential. A well-structured validation is important to achieve success. Regulatory submissions are part of any biotech process. Medical products to reach to the global markets have to adhere to compliance and regulations. Each country or regions have their regulations. The product has to undergo various stages for approval that include labeling, dossiers, regulatory documentation, adverse event and more.

Adding to this the emergences of new markets like Brazil, Portuguese, Latin America, China, India and other countries have made it essential to translate the regulatory documents in varied languages based on the country it reaches. It makes it important to choose a service provider that has specific knowledge in the dossiers of the specific country. The translators should also understand the terminology and formats of the prescribed region. Country-specific translation has become the order of the day.

Manufacturing companies are forced to translate safety and health manuals in various languages to reach to diverse regions. Sales and marketing are other areas that need to be understood to reach the biotech product across the boundaries. The promotional material is not restricted to translation alone, but it goes a step further to promote localization adhering to the culture and nativity of the region. All this goes to prove that biotechnology and translation industry go hand in hand.

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